Welcome To Ramesh Brass Products

Ramesh Brass Products established in 1981, is a well Known company for manufacturing of all kind of small and medium sized components of brass, aluminum, copper and such other nonferrous metals which command phenomenal brand loyalty in domestic and international markets.

We have best of expertise and experience in the field. Custom made Conecting Stud, PPR Insert, Moulding Insert, Hex Insert, Hex nut, Electric Part etc. can also be developed, conforming to most typical specifications. The Company has Global Market of its Products. We also offer custom manufacturing of Brass Products based on special designs and specifications.

From design to delivery, the focus of our Brass Products Division is quality and service. Our Engineering Department develops everything from prototypes, to product modifications, to improvements in design and manufacturing techniques. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, our engineers can provide a high level of field support, including custom design work.